Monday, January 11, 2010

Tila tequila lesbian. Crazy Pics!

Tila tequila lesbian. Fresh pics...
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Wtf is wrong with me ..? * Details *? I thought if I ' liked girls or boys, and I ' I realized I could never be lesbians, bisexual just because I could not bear ' d be with another girl resembling ... a daughter. (Not that I ' ve got a problem with it, just personal preference) Anyway, I ' I started thinking and I ' ve been like ... I wouldnt be equal ' d like girls who looked a bit like the guy, (eg, dani Tila Tequila), but again, I ' m occupies wouldnt be d ' with guys who had ' s look a bit like girls. (Drag queen but not the style I wouldnt want their cross-dressing, and personal preference again, haha =]) I t seems that my preferences are mixed! Is this normal ...?? Am I bisexual as a sacrifice? Idunno, it ' s help please, haha.
Watch her N U D E video here!

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